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Meet Brandon

Brandon Lee, a dynamic individual whose journey from an all-around athlete to a top-selling fitness trainer, successful real estate and finance professional, and ultimately a health and fitness enthusiast is truly inspiring. Brandon’s story resonates with many potential clients who are grappling with health challenges while managing demanding careers.

Brandon’s athletic journey began with a passion for sports, excelling in football, track and field, sprinting, shotput, and discus. His prowess as an all-around athlete laid the foundation for a successful career in the fitness industry. After college, Brandon became a trainer at Bally Total Fitness, quickly rising to the top as the top-selling trainer in the entire company for the United States.

Health Crisis

However, life took a different turn as Brandon transitioned into a lucrative career in real estate and finance. Amidst his success, he found himself neglecting his health, leading to weight gain, high blood pressure, leaky gut, high A1c, low thyroid, and more. At his peak, Brandon weighed 300 pounds, a stark contrast to his athletic and fit past.


Reclaiming Health

Recognizing the need for a change, Brandon took a bold step. He decided to take time off from his successful career to focus on reclaiming his health. Through a combination of nutrition and exercise, Brandon shed an impressive 100 pounds. Eager to optimize his health further, he turned to Rebalanced Wellness Clinic’s weight loss and peptide program, which played a pivotal role in restoring balance to his body.

Driven by a newfound passion for health and fitness, Brandon delved into the study of nutrition. Armed with knowledge, he developed a holistic approach to address his health issues through a combination of diet, exercise, and supplementation. The results were transformative – Brandon successfully lowered his blood pressure, A1c, regulated hormones, and rekindled his metabolism.

On a personal quest to pay it forward, Brandon dedicated himself to helping others on their health and fitness journeys. He discovered a particular joy in assisting fellow business owners and entrepreneurs in navigating the delicate balance between a stressful work life, maintaining optimal health and fitness, and nurturing family relationships.

Brandon’s commitment to his health allowed him to reclaim his athletic prowess. Not only did he resume running 5k races, but he also ventured into fitness competitions, recently achieving a remarkable 1st place in the men’s physique over 35 category at a National physique competition. Brandon’s story serves as a testament to resilience, determination, and the transformative power of prioritizing health and fitness. Now, he’s eager to share his experiences and knowledge to guide others towards their own success stories in reclaiming their health and vitality.